Corporate Culture

Natural selection, survival of the fittest, combining forces with the trend and seeking change, advancing with The Times; Respect law, comply with development, achieve the future; Firm belief, starting from the heart, meet beauty. Journey by journey, culture leads a new journey, let us through the 19-year historical process, return to culture, draw infinite power.

Our Mission

Smart beautiful

Our Vision

Science and technology driven, outstanding achievements

Our Values

Integrity, struggle, innovation, cooperation

Interpretation of Heli Tai cultural Value model

Integrity and struggleIt is the background color of helitai people's personality that inspires us to have fire in our hearts, light in our eyes, love for what we see, and curiosity for the unknown.

Innovation and Collaboration is the left and right brain of Helitai people. Left-brain innovation is the working method of Helitai people, symbolizing rational wisdom. Right-brain collaboration is the working mode of Helithai people, symbolizing emotional empathy. Wisdom and empathy are the result of helitai's super brain.

Smart beautiful Is the mission of Helitai, Science and technology driven, outstanding achievements Helitai is the sea of stars, but also the reason for our existence and value proposition. Science and technology is the first productive force, is the driving force for heli Tai to achieve sustainable high-quality development, science and technology drive is heli Tai to realize the mission of intelligent manufacturing common choice! Our choice of technology-driven means that we will bravely explore the unknown basic technology and continue to improve the existing technical level, to provide customers with excellent products and service solutions, and build a better future for people.

Helitai culture IP introduction

With helitai new culture breaking ground, our cultural image IP emerged at the historic moment.


Name: T-boy

Family:T-MEN family

Origin of the name: T is the initial of Tai (first Chinese character of Holitech), which stands for Talent, Technology and Teamwork. Talent, technology-driven, teamwork, and the road to sustainable high quality are the core values of Holitech culture. As a member of Holitech, T-boy is given a new life and a special mission. In the future, it will accompany us on the journey of creating a better life with smart solutions, brave and resolute.

Who is the most upright person in the world? Count me in

Name: Little Blue T

Character: The one with integrity, who has the determination to stand firm, who is upright and respects the rules, who is open-minded and whose words and actions are consistent, and who never declines to shoulder a responsibility!

Value declaration: Honest and trustworthy, dare to take on responsibilities and make achievements

There is no miracle in this world, only struggle to the end

Name: Little Red T
Character: A stubborn striver, persistent in faith, never gives up when encountering difficulties, and never shrinks back when facing challenges. It pursues excellence and bravely scales new heights!
Value declaration: Continue to challenge high targets with strong self-drive

Never stop exploring and surpassing

Name: Little Purple T
Character:A born creator, with ideas that can be put into practice, a peculiar brain that loves research, and an unrestrained and vigorous style that brims with talent. It keeps improving itself and makes progress every day!
Value declaration: Break through the convention and have the courage to create new value

How far a person can go depends on who is accompanying him

Name: Little Orange T
Character: An altruistic collaborator, with big picture in mind, and a sincere, courageous and good listener, pursuing mutual achievement and common goals. It insists on benefiting others to achieve its own goal and establishing sincere cooperation!
Value declaration: Achieve extraordinary missions with perspective taking, and be outstanding together extraordinary.

I am T-MAN

I am T-Man, as well as T-boy.

I kick over the past and create the future.

Forget yourself and become one with me.

Look at my cool flashing screen, this is my eye blossoming with miracles.

My clock sweeps way all obstacles and my antenna travels across the sky.

T-boy invites you to go with us and create a legend together.